Michelle Vigeant
Mixed-media Illustrator


Mixed-media Illustrator

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About Me

Michelle Vigeant portrays animals in whimsical and dramatic compositions. She holds a degree in biology to further her understanding about how critters work. Spending years studying their bones, tracks and more ( yes, even their scat!) gives her a very intimate perspective of their habits, anatomy and roles within the world. Her illustration style is inspired by American comic-book line work as well as color from illustrators such as James Gurney of the Dinotopia books. She is very versatile in subject matter. Her favorite materials are watercolors, markers, colored pencils and ink.

She has illustrated the cover of the book "The Whispering Basket" which is available on Amazon.com.

Subject Matter

Michelle's focus is on animals, and she studies videos on animal behavior as well as bones and physiology to try to achieve greater realism in her work, and yet keeps an eye for the expressions that make her creatures so animated.
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